Marriage & Civil partnership

Charging orders: New rules for family practitioners

Charlotte Symes advises on recent changes relating to the enforcement of family financia

10 May 2016

A legal history of change

160 years later, reforms are still being made to our legal system; District Judge Nigel Law urges the profession to embrac

26 Apr 2016

From the archive: April 17, 1869

Since our last publication the Married Women's Property Bill (a copy of which will be found in our last week's issue) has passed its second reading without a division, and has been referre

19 Apr 2016

Dead-end divorce fees

The government's latest tax on justice will hit separating partners - and family practitioners - hard, writes Pipp

05 Apr 2016

Brexit is not in the interest of the family lawyer

Since 2001, when Brussels I regulation arrived on our shores as the first attempt to synchronise laws between EU countries, family lawyers have tended to greet each new EU convention with som

05 Apr 2016

LAA urged to delay compulsory CCMS use

Failing government IT project risks further restricting access to justice, say

22 Mar 2016

Shifting the weight of your experience: Becoming a family mediator

Austin Chessell shares his experience of moving into the field of family mediation and the challenges and liabilitie

15 Mar 2016

Innovative family court saves taxpayers money

Criminal courts could benefit from FDAC approach , says Centre for Justic

07 Mar 2016