Marriage & Civil partnership

A matter of equal choice

It was not so long ago that same-sex couples were fighting for civil partnerships and marriage rights, but now heterosexual couples want those same choices, writes Kat

23 Nov 2016

Pillow talk

In light of Suski and Bala, is it time for parliament to divorce the spousal exemption from the law of conspiracy, asks Richar

21 Sep 2016

The changing face of our courts

Chris Keenan considers plans to make the Family Division and the Court of Protection more transparent and tec

15 Sep 2016

Surrogacy laws due for reform

Megan Bennie explains why change is needed in the law on single parents in surrogac

04 Jul 2016

Courting controversy: Radicalisation and the courts

Andrew Gillespie and Phil Loftus advise on the safeguarding of children in cases where radicalisation i

28 Jun 2016

Shaking up the cost rules

Should the 'no order' principle be changed in financial remedy cases, wonders Marily

28 Jun 2016

Open Family Courts: Transparent justice or privacy invasion?

Is allowing unwarranted attention to be turned to famous divorcing couples the price you pay for an open court? What is, and how do you find, a good balance, asks Pipp

20 Jun 2016

Immigration tribunal fees hike may unlawfully discriminate

Fee increases will disproportionately affect BAME applicants, says president of the La

06 Jun 2016

Modern family, modern values, modern law

Simon Bruce acknowledges the age-defining case of Re B, in which a contemporary Supreme Court tackled international family justice fit for the 21s

24 May 2016