Marriage & Civil partnership

Instant injustice

We need more than fine words and ‘fine-tuning’ for family law reform, says Marily

08 Jul 2014

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater

We are beginning to see the adverse impact of cost savings in family law disputes, says District Judge Tace

30 Jun 2014

Criminalising forced marriage presents new challenges

Reporting the crime is only the first step and those working in the field will need to ensure victims receive as much support as possible throughout the legal process, says Hanish

24 Jun 2014

Hindsight is not a wonderful thing in estate planning

Couples may snub a marriage certificate but they must write a will or risk losing property and assets, says Ada

07 May 2014

Turning over a new leaf for families and the justice system

Major changes could remedy many problems, but centralised administration may be impractical for separating parents involved in court proceedings, says Joann

07 May 2014

What's at the top of your client's wish list?

Make sure your side is prepared for a financial remedy first directions appointment and aim to settle at the first hearing, says District Judge Juli

06 May 2014

After initial problems are ironed out, the Family Court will be fit for purpose

April 22 marked the day that the new Family Court came int

29 Apr 2014

Consciously uncoupling the relationship between solicitor and client

Detachment and focus should be at the heart of a lawyer's approach, says Marily

11 Apr 2014

Compulsory meetings for all: what does it mean for mediation?

'Quite a lot of respondents don't want to attend because they fail to understand the potential of what mediation ca

08 Apr 2014