Marriage & Civil partnership

On the farm

Farming divorces typically involve complex business ownership structures and require special care, as Laura Marti

26 Sep 2019

King no more: dealing with unethical client requests

Agreeing to drafting a contract clause that you believe might be unethical could put you in breach of your regulatory obligations, warns Men

01 Feb 2019

What is the future of civil partnerships?

It is for the law to keep up with changing relationship formats and social attitudes to reflect reality and protect those involved, writes Pipp

07 Mar 2017

Being civil

Fixing the civil partnership anomaly is only the first step of a bigger cohabitation reform project, writes Jean-Yve

24 Feb 2017

Time for action

Despite the recent Court of Appeal judgment, it is clear the ban on opposite-sex civil partnerships cannot continue indefinitely, writes Maev

24 Feb 2017

Do civil partnerships have a future?

As it stands, the law on civil partnerships is inherently unfair, argues Marily

31 Jan 2017

Civil partnership for only same-sex couples is ‘discriminatory’

Private members bill receives cross-party support ahead of Common

12 Jan 2017

Is your contribution 'special' enough?

The case law on special contributions shows the court has set the threshold inordinately high for parties seeking to deviate from equality, writes Lar

23 Dec 2016

Family law themes of the year

Sarah Hutchinson and Elizabeth Burch discuss key family cases, including developments in the law on nuptial agreements and the emphasis on the voice of the child in the court

22 Dec 2016