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The challenges of enforcing orders relating to children

Philip Hunter discusses the delicate balance to be struck between demonstrating robust justice for the breach of an order and recognising the best interest

19 Jul 2017

Munby P in bid to get more judges involved in settlement conferences pilot

President of family division renews ‘full support’ for less adversaria

11 Jul 2017

Rape as a tool of war

Sexual violence against women is no longer seen as just a by-product of conflict, yet there is still more to be done to ensure perpetrators of rape are bro

11 Jul 2017

Wait for care proceedings rises to 28 weeks

Cafcass CEO ‘not surprised’ at increase following rise i

03 Jul 2017

Engendering confidence in the child maintenance system

The current ‘paper tiger’ maintenance scheme has been criticised by Mr Justice Mostyn for failing to support vulnerable receiving parents, explains Phili

14 Jun 2017

Securing transparency and trust

The risk of jigsaw identification is but one aspect of the family court reporting puzzle, writes Jean-Yve

11 Apr 2017

Religion and the welfare of the child

Hannah Greene discusses a series of judgments which show the delicate task of the secular courts in respecting parents’ religious wishes for thei

10 Jan 2017

Family law themes of the year

Sarah Hutchinson and Elizabeth Burch discuss key family cases, including developments in the law on nuptial agreements and the emphasis on the voice of the

22 Dec 2016

Family lawyers hold key to driving change

A ‘dire’ court system hampered by LiPs represents the biggest challenge for the future, writes Matthe

16 Dec 2016


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