Tribunals & Courts

Supreme Court to consider tribunal fees and legal aid residence test

Unison and the Public Law Project get another chance to argue against controversia

26 Feb 2016

Targeting the claimant in 
a consumer-driven world

Where upfront costs can be up to £1,200, Qamar Anwar discusses utilising ATEs ?and DBAs in the employment la

19 Jan 2016

The Modern Slavery Act clamps down on big business

Ryan Clement discusses the latest case law in the employment sector, proposed legislation, a pivotal CJEU ruling, and the ongoing review of tribuna

13 Oct 2015

Gender pay gap

Survey reveals that large UK organisations are concerned about publishing their gender pa

02 Oct 2015

Wary businesses fear discrimination claims but don’t acknowledge gender pay gap

Four in ten employers are worried that transparency will lead to equal pa

01 Oct 2015

Copycat fraud in the workplace

Fraud has, unfortunately, been a feature of personal injury claims since the Railway Passenger Assurance Company underwrote the first accident insurance policy in the late 19th century, and Lor

08 Sep 2015

Scottish government to scrap employment tribunal fees

Scotland's new powers may create a two-tier justice system for workers in th

03 Sep 2015

Failure to pay national living wage likely to end in prosecutions for businesses

Prime minister warns 'unscrupulous' employers they will 'pay the price' of cheatin

01 Sep 2015

HMRC defeats employment giant at Court of Appeal over £158m of unpaid tax

Expense payments found to be part of employed temps' ordinary salar

06 Aug 2015