Tribunals & Courts

Slippery slope

The House of Lords has recently restricted the scope of strict liability for defective work equipment but employers could still be liable for negligence, p

Out of site, out of mind

Websites offering user-generated content that behave responsibly in relation to copyright infringement should be safe from court action – at least until th

09 Jun 2009 | Contracts & Rights

Trivial pursuit

With wider protection available to whistleblowers, employees’ concerns about environmental damage should not be disregarded as too trivial, says Danie

26 May 2009 | Commercial

Blowing their cover

Peter Tyldesley is looking forward to the Law Commission’s much-needed proposals for the reform of insurance contrac

An end to estimates?

The current system of costs estimates is not providing clients with the certainty they need, and is likely to become tougher, warns Howar

Proceeding with care

The changing scope of cost recovery outside of court proceedings has important implications for legal defence insurers, says Jennett

The lines are drawn, but where?

Should juries have the right to decide what is criminal, rather than whether the defendant committed an offence, asks Ta

In good health?

With healthcare being one of the fastest-moving sectors around, what are law firms doing to keep up, asks Jenn

14 Apr 2009 | Local government

Update: competition

Lesley Davey reviews the European Commission’s policy on abuse of dominant position, block exemptions, the application of State aid rules in the context of

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