Tribunals & Courts

In good health?

With healthcare being one of the fastest-moving sectors around, what are law firms doing to keep up, asks Jenn

14 Apr 2009

Update: competition

Lesley Davey reviews the European Commission’s policy on abuse of dominant position, block exemptions, the application of State aid rules in the context of the economic crisis, and the OFT’s ne

07 Apr 2009

New season, new HIPs

New HIP regulations, combined with important changes in local authority and personal search charges, are set to make this a seismic spring of change, says Andre

07 Apr 2009

Being unreasonable

Why are the mentally ill so very unreasonable

31 Mar 2009

Dignity for all?

Two important new cases raise the question of where to draw the boundaries in sexual orientation and religious discrimination claims, says Davi

27 Jan 2009

Update: charity law

Moira Protani, Peter Steer and Ian Davies review the lessons learned from Charity Commission inquiries, plus significant cases on social housing and will frau

20 Jan 2009

True to your words

Faced with inconsistent drafting, the courts will look at the language used in various part of a contract to save it from rescission, but this will not always be possible. James Naylo

16 Dec 2008

A drink at the last chance saloon

In clarifying liability for sales of alcohol to under 18s, the Licensing Act 2003 places particular responsibility on owners of alcohol, say Simon Walsh and Ellio

16 Dec 2008

Employment in the internet age

Misuse of technology by employees can land employers in hot water, and the range of defences available are limited, says Sara

09 Dec 2008