Tribunals & Courts

Update | Employment: Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill

Sue Ashtiany reviews the new procedures and compensation rules to be introduced by the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bil

22 Oct 2012 | Tribunals & Courts

Playing it safe

New employment proposals are a step in the right direction but they don’t go far enough, suggests Ronni

17 Oct 2012 | Tribunals & Courts

Concern over extended role for ‘legal officers’

BIS wants them to take on case management at employment tribunal

02 Oct 2012 | Tribunals & Courts

Enterprise bill ‘laying traps’ for both employees and employers

Proposed rules will make previous disciplinary procedures ‘look like

22 Jun 2012 | Tribunals & Courts

Stealth tactics: making unfair dismissal worthless

Having found that it could not politically do away with unfair dismissal outright, the government now wants 
to – quietly – make it worthless, says Any

11 Jun 2012 | Tribunals & Courts

Employment update

Sue Ashtiany considers the provisions of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill, the right to representation during the disciplinary process, employers’

11 Jun 2012 | Tribunals & Courts

Claims game

Increasing the qualifying period for dismissal and introducing fees for tribunal litigation have caused concern in the employment law community, but are th

05 Dec 2011 | Contracts & Rights

Working wonders

Law at work with Phili

23 Aug 2011 | Contracts & Rights

Silent majority

Witness statements in employment tribunals should only be read aloud in exceptional circumstances, argues Mar

14 Feb 2011 | Local government

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