Tribunals & Courts

Claims game

Increasing the qualifying period for dismissal and introducing fees for tribunal litigation have caused concern in the employment law community, but are the proposed government reforms all bad? Jame

05 Dec 2011

Silent majority

Witness statements in employment tribunals should only be read aloud in exceptional circumstances, argues Mar

14 Feb 2011

ACS Law claims to be subject to 'public scrutiny'

Cases brought by ACS Law on behalf of Media CAT over allegedly illegal file sharing are to be given full judicial scrutiny after the patents county court refused an application t

08 Feb 2011

Strike up

The BA strikes provided valuable lessons for both unions and employers, but, with industrial action expected to rise, future disputes are likely to be riddled with uncertainty unless legislation i

26 Jul 2010

Update: road traffic

Stuart Andrews reviews several recent cases revealing the challenging and unpredictable nature of contributor

26 Jul 2010

Cap on redundancy payments not age discrimination

A cap on redundancy payments, which limited them to the amount an employee would have earned had he remained in the post until the age of 65, was not age discrimination, the EAT ha

12 Jul 2010

'Disabled' City lawyer wins right to pursue discrimination claim

A City lawyer that claims DLA Piper revoked her job offer because she suffered from depression has won leave to have her case heard for a secon

21 Jun 2010

Care home campaigner loses Strasbourg appeal

Yvonne Hossack, the solicitor campaigning for the rights of the elderly, has lost a key appeal at the European Court of Human Rights in her battle against the closure of car

08 Jun 2010