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Redefining justification defences in religious discrimination claims

Last week’s religious discrimination ruling marks a turning point for human rights in the employment sphere but further clarification is still n

18 Jan 2013

Alleged criminal behaviour and indemnities

Alleged criminal conduct does not necessarily take an employee outside an indemnity. Charles Wynn-Evans looks a

06 Dec 2012

The private and the personal in Smith v Trafford Housing Trust

Anna Macey looks at the case of the housing manager ?who criticised gay marriage and was wrongfully ?dismissed, yet received only £100 i

30 Nov 2012

Housing manager who criticised gay marriage wrongly dismissed

Breach of contract 'serious and repudiatory', High Cour

16 Nov 2012

The territorial scope of English employment rights

Naomi Oppenheim considers how the broad approach currently adopted by employment tribunals means employees abroad can argue their way into the UK&rsqu

09 Nov 2012

Justifying age discrimination
on grounds of cost

Regarding cost as a justification to age discrimination alongside ‘other factors’ involves unsatisfactory game playing for both employees

02 Nov 2012

Gender pay audits merely identify equal pay problems, not solve them

Public sector claimants will be able to bring equal pay cases before the High Court, but private sector claimants still face obstacles, says Darre

02 Nov 2012