Contracts & Rights

Publishers and the law must work together

In the news there are often cases of so-called ‘revenge porn’, or reports of violent incidents that have happened through an ill-fated meeting on a social media site. Solicitors deal wit

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Law Society says capital's reputation for legal excellence is under threat from migratio

Banks may see rise in unfair and constructive dismissal claims

Senior staff predicted to demand indemnities for regulatory issues that predate thei

Immigration controls

The government is conflating labour and immigration controls, which may encourage forced labour and poor living conditions, warn Sharmila Mehta and Alastai

Firms know lawyers want flexible working hours

Working from home warrants the highest level of trust between employee and employer, but reaps the biggest business benefits, explains Kayleig

Gove’s description of public protest as ‘uncivilised’ gives pause for thought

Will the right to freedom of assembly be included in the government's new Bill o

Radical reform needed of employment tribunals

Law Society proposes 'single jurisdiction' for disputes so claims are dealt wit