Contracts & Rights

Gove’s description of public protest as ‘uncivilised’ gives pause for thought

Will the right to freedom of assembly be included in the government's new Bill o

14 Sep 2015

Radical reform needed of employment tribunals

Law Society proposes 'single jurisdiction' for disputes so claims are dealt wit

07 Sep 2015

Trouble abroad

Dr Julian Morris considers recent judgments regarding employer liability, the conflict between EU and English law, and investigations into deaths i

18 Aug 2015

Banking bonuses: The future of buyouts

Fixing buyouts in the financial services sector is proving a tough nut to crack, discusses Darre

11 Aug 2015

‘Worst UK gangmaster’ sued in modern slavery case

Lithuanian men seek compensation for 'being treated like slaves' by Kent-base

11 Aug 2015

Zero hour approaching

A recent case demonstrates a change in the weight given by tribunals to the insecure employment status of claimants when assessing compensation, says

21 Jul 2015

The government must go all out on unmasking gender inequality

Forcing companies to publish men's and women's pay won't give the ful

16 Jul 2015

A bridge too far?

Edward O'Rourke considers whether a new model for annual leave, already embraced by Netflix and Richard Branson, can be successfully adapted to th

09 Jun 2015

How to manage atypical disciplinary processes

When dealing with allegations of misconduct, all employers must understand what procedure will apply, how it will be managed, and by whom, advises Kev

26 May 2015