Contracts & Rights

HMRC must address year-long wait for work records

Delays deny people suffering from workplace-related illnesses access to compensation at the time they need it most, writes Roger Maddocks

Professional indemnity and successor practices

During mergers and acquisitions, firms must take care to prevent employment issues arising among the transferring staff, writes Stuart Jones

Brexit and the threat to recruiting from the continent

Difficulties in hiring low-skilled workers from a British labour market and ?transitional periods for employees are real concerns for the UK employer not in the EU, ?writes Kathryn Bradbury

Junior doctors issue High Court legal challenge

Medics aim to raise emergency funding to provide security for government costs

Panama Papers: Outgoing employees pose risk to firms, remind lawyers

'Do you need to keep the employee in the business for six months when they could cause damage?'

The John Lewis-style ownership model

Employee part-ownership of a company can offer rewards both financially and culturally, writes Gareth Brahams

An employment perspective

Nick Wilcox discusses just how the PRA and FCA will achieve their aim of moving liability from the corporate to the individual, and how it will affect employment rights