Contracts & Rights

Contractual certainty

Mark Lucas and Alice Hallsworth consider the meaning of the term ‘purpose’ and the circumstances in which the prescribed mode of acceptance can b

10 Jan 2017

The importance of worker status

Snigdha Nag reviews some key decisions of the year, including a number of cases considering employment status and the correct approach to unfai

22 Dec 2016

Carbolic Smoke Ball

The year is 1892 and Solicitors Journal reports on what will become a seminal law schoo

06 Dec 2016

That settles it then…

A recent decision provides a useful reminder of the basic principles of contractual formation through the exchange of correspondence, explains Ni

21 Nov 2016

Litigators fear impact of Brexit on court reform programme

Brexit doesn’t mean London loses its position as the jurisdiction of choice, says LSL

15 Nov 2016

A rough guide to NEC contracts

Chris Holwell identifies the key points that non-construction lawyers should be aware of to avoid being caught out by NEC contracts, particularly with

12 Oct 2016

Breaches of the innocent

The importance of ‘robust’ force majeure clauses has been highlighted following MSC v Cottonex, writes Henr

07 Oct 2016

Are you ready for the new CPD system?

As solicitors prepare to switch to the continuing competence regime, Jennifer Williamson considers whether much will change in practice for th

06 Oct 2016

Lottery winnings and syndicates

Who owns lottery winnings? Mark Pawlowski dissects the cas

29 Sep 2016