White collar crime

NGOs: Prosecute big business for corruption and human rights abuses

UK corporate liability regime ‘not fit for purpose in the 21st century’, sa

09 Mar 2017

SFO secures largest corporate crime fine

Latest DPA could sound the death knell for self-reporting, says white collar crim

18 Jan 2017

Lawyers split over consultation on reform of corporate crime

‘Failure to prevent’ fraud offence could be an easy political win for Theres

13 Jan 2017

The defence lawyer’s role in a section 2 interview

Celia Marr and Jennifer Ross discuss new SFO guidance on the presence of lawyers in section 2 interviews, the use of the ‘propensity gateway’, and social medi

22 Nov 2016

Rearranging deckchairs on HMS Prosecution

Why is the Crown Prosecution Service recruiting corporate lawyers who couldn’t find a post after qualification rather than drawing from an experienced pool of defence practitioners, asks Jonatha

06 Oct 2016

Truss to launch white paper on prison reforms

Protection of prison officers paramount for Lord Chancellor who looks to build on Michael Gove’

05 Oct 2016

Need for evidence causes HMRC to ramp up property raids

New corporate offence of ‘failing to prevent’ tax evasion could fuel upward trend further, say

26 Sep 2016

White collar prosecutions up for first time in five years

Over 600,000 fraud reports in same period but only a 1 per cent increase in prosecution

24 May 2016

SFO’s ‘blockbuster funding’ called into question

White collar crime agency could provide better value for money, repor

24 May 2016