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Police & Prisons

Profession condemns George Floyd death

Professional bodies have responded to the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minnesota last week

04 Jun 2020

‘Enough is enough’: no early release for terrorists

No convicted terrorist entitled to automatic early release will be allowed to leave prison until the Parole Board says they can, under emergency laws which

11 Feb 2020

Wide-ranging Tory manifesto fails on the ‘how’

The Conservative Party’s manifesto, launched yesterday (24 November) sets out an ambitious plan on what it will do if it wins the forthcoming general

25 Nov 2019

Sentencing of mothers causing children ‘irreparable harm’, report claims

The welfare of dependent children should be at the forefront of a judge’s mind when sending mothers to prison, according to a new parliamentary commi

11 Sep 2019

Catch-22 for trans prisoners

The Parole Board is insufficiently prepared to deal with the needs of trans prisoners who face a stark choice between the possibility of release and a tran

07 Aug 2017

The new pre-charge bail regime

Claire Hegarty and Irene McMillan discuss the changes, particularly in relation to bail, made to PACE and a recent case on the necessity o

15 May 2017

Prisons and Courts Bill abandoned

Government policies kicked into the long grass ahead of U

20 Apr 2017

Specialist prisons squad to tackle drone threat

Barking dogs absent as MoJ bids to stop prisoners’ access to drugs an

20 Apr 2017

Campaigners defeat government over legal aid cuts for prisoners

Removal of funding in three out of five categories declare

10 Apr 2017


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