Practice Notes: Children

Hogan Lovells works pro bono in Irish Mother and Baby Homes investigation

Independent commission to look into the treatment of unmarried mothers and infan

15 Jun 2016

A better future: Best practice in child disputes

Simon Bruce, Elizabeth Burch, and Rebecca Heyworth discuss whether the reforms to the Family Court in 2014 have successfully encouraged separating par

13 Jun 2016

Applications to deduct 
from a child’s damages

District Judge Nigel Law advises solicitors attending on these applications to comply with the relevant rules and practic

24 May 2016

Who's the daddy?

Carla Ditz revists the law on paternal responsibility and considers the legal implications as regards paternity in cases of twins with differen

14 Apr 2016

The rights of children with mental disorders

Jenni Richards QC and Victoria Butler-Cole examine a recent case on the extent of parental consent to deprivation of liberty and consider the issue in rela

23 Feb 2016

Children with special needs: Unravelling the challenges

When accessing the support required for children with special educational needs, family and education law are inextricably linked, explain David Allison an

23 Feb 2016

The rising demand of care applications

As the number of care cases continues to increase, Kevin Gibbs looks at the possible reasons and considers how the wider family justice system ca

16 Feb 2016

A child's habitual residence: Where is it and when can it change?

Hetty Gleave considers recent guidance from the Supreme Court in Re: B, which offers a ray of hope for cases of parental chil

05 Feb 2016

The need for 
judicial continuity

District Judge Julie Exton explains the tensions between complying with the 26-week time limit and ensuring hearings in care cases are held in front of the

04 Feb 2016

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