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Technology has not made office communications easier

Face-to-face and phone conversations with colleagues much preferred by legal professionals, survey finds

16 August 2012

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By Manju Manglani, Editor (@ManjuManglani)

Technology has not made office communications any easier for UK legal professionals, according to a recent study.

Nearly half of responding legal professionals said they prefer to chat face-to-face with colleagues. A quarter said their favourite method of communicating with co-workers is by phone, compared to the UK average of 16 per cent.

The report, which was commissioned by Mars Drinks Office Connections and surveyed 2,000 office staff, looked at how people communicate in the office.

The results showed that legal professionals spend 26 minutes and 16 seconds chatting to their colleagues about non-work related subjects every day.

The survey also found that legal professionals are more likely than any other profession to sign off an email with a kiss. While just over half of UK workers on average think an ‘x’ at the end of an email is acceptable, two thirds of the legal professionals responding to the survey said they think it is acceptable some or all of the time.

A further 71 per cent of respondents also said they believe it is fine to add a smiley face or other emoticon at the end of an email.

Interestingly, a third of responding legal professionals said their workplace has become a much less formal place and nearly half said they have more fun at work now than they ever did before.

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