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Discrimination victims fail to take action

21 May 2010

The youngest and oldest age groups are the least likely to seek legal advice and the most likely to do nothing, a study by the Public Legal Education Network (Plenet) has found. The youngest age group was made up of those aged 18-24, the oldest aged over 75.

The study, based on data from the Civil and Social Justice Survey, found that a third of people facing discrimination issues did nothing about it, along with 27 per cent of those suffering from clinical negligence.

Meanwhile 60 per cent of people with consumer problems attempted to tackle the issue themselves, compared to 40 per cent with housing, debt or welfare issues.

Lisa Wintersteiger, development manager at Plenet, said: “There is still an awful lot of unmet need, especially given the complexity of areas such as discrimination.

“The number of people acting alone in categories, such as consumer, is extraordinarily high. Some people are probably not getting anywhere.

“We need to focus on how we reduce the burden of unresolved legal issues, both for individuals and society, through public legal education.”

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