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BNP to comply with "Orwellian" equality laws

4 September 2009

Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party, has said the party must adapt to the UK’s “Orwellian” equality legislation or die.

His statement, posted on the party’s web site, follows legal action by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, which is seeking an injunction against the BNP on the grounds that its constitution and membership criteria are discriminatory in excluding non-whites.

The case was adjourned after a hearing at Central London County Court this week, but costs were awarded to the commission.

Griffin said that pursuing the case all the way could cost the party more than a million pounds and prevent it from fighting the next general election.

He said the new Equality Act would ban any political party from discriminating on the grounds of ethnicity, so that “adapt or die is the only decision left to make”.

A spokesman for the EHRC said it had received no formal indication from the BNP that it intended to meet its requirements and as a result was proceeding with its court action. The next hearing is expected on October 15.

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