PM’s announcement causes confusion for businesses

Boris Johnson's announcement that anyone who cannot work from home is actively encouraged to go back to work, has caused confusion

11 May 2020

Judicial conflict in remote hearings

A lack of parity in how family judges exercise their ‘lockdown discretion’ to allow remote court hearings is making things “difficult” 

08 May 2020

Remote hearings: well-being has ‘gone out the window’

Significant concerns around the fairness of remote family court hearings and access to technology have been identified by a snap consultation

07 May 2020

SRA allows struck off solicitor to return to non-legal role

A solicitor who was struck off by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal in October been allowed back to work at Coventry firm Kumari Hart Limited

06 May 2020

Mercury signings for land registration a ‘victory for common sense’

HM Land Registry has announced it will now accept Mercury signings for deeds and make identity verification easier during the covid-19 crisis

05 May 2020

Substantial numbers of law firm closures will put public at ‘significant risk’

The expected wide-spread closures of small firms will put both the public and the profession at significant risk, a partner has warned

04 May 2020

Kennedys launch new route to qualification

Kennedys is set to launch an alternative route to qualifying as a solicitor that will enable graduates to begin earning immediately

04 May 2020

Charitable legacies to plunge

Legacy income for charities could fall by more than a quarter this year because of the pandemic, forecasters suggest

02 May 2020

High street firms under immediate threat

The Law Society of England and Wales has reiterated warnings that high street firms face collapse as covid-19 adds to cashflow pressures and reduced fee income

01 May 2020