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Probate Wizard targets fixed-fee clients

Six firms sign up to pay as you go service

15 May 2013

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A new 'white label' service for private client lawyers has been launched to help meet demand for fixed-price services.

Six firms have signed up to Probate Wizard so far, including Stephensons, a north-west firm, which opened a London office earlier this month, and north London firm Darlingtons.

Law Firm Network, a national referral network based in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, also uses the service.

Tom Hiskey, co-founder of Probate Wizard, said the number of grants of probate handled by solicitors had fallen by 30 per cent since 2006 as the DIY approach increased in popularity, and together the demand for online services and fixed fees.

Hiskey, previously a private client solicitor, said Probate Wizard was different in that it was first probate product of its kind designed for law firms to use under their own brand.

He said Probate Wizard put the first half of the service in the hands of clients, so the firm could offer the rest at reduced fees.

"The service aims to be really intuitive for customers who know nothing about probate," he said.

"Probate is typical of a service which can be split into parts. Probate Wizard puts part of the process in the hands of clients, enabling firms to offer them a level of service which suits them."

He said the fees firms paid to Probate Wizard were based on a pay as you go system and depended on how many clients used the service.

Hiskey said that, rather than expanding into new areas of law, the priority for the service was to increase use of the system and get more firms to sign up.

He added that the idea behind the service emerged when he was a solicitor and met co-founder Rob Blake, an IT specialist.

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