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Royal opening of the UK Supreme Court

16 October 2009

Chief justices of supreme courts from around the world attended the royal opening of the UK’s Supreme Court in London today.

Hon. John G Roberts Jr, chief justice of the United States, was accompanied by chief justices of the supreme courts of India, Canada, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy and many others.

Vassilios Skouris, president of the European Court of Justice was joined by Sir Nicolas Bratza, vice president of the European Court of Human Rights.

There was even a judge, Charles Blackie, from the Pitcairn Islands.

Lord Phillips, the president of UKSC, Gordon Brown, the prime minister, and justice secretary and Lord Chancellor Jack Straw addressed the guests.

In the presence of the Queen, former poet Sir Andrew Motion read his poem celebrating the new court. The UKSC had earlier issued its first judgment, refusing a protective costs order in the JFS case.

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