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NAPF launches pension seminars

Association responds to fears that pensioners are unaware of the risks of exercising their freedoms

30 June 2015

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The National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) will begin offering a new financial education service aimed at pension scheme holders approaching retirement.

The seminars will focus on the key issues that retirees should think about, such as their sources of income, risk, tax efficiency and the effects of other savings and investments.

In light of the pension freedoms, there has been a lot of fear that pensioners and soon to be pensioners are not fully aware of the consequences of exercising their new freedoms - the NAPF's seminars are aimed at changing that.

Chief executive of the NAPF, Joanne Segars, commented: 'Savers tell us they are positive about the pension freedoms but they are also aware of the risks they now face when managing their savings in retirement.

'We want to help savers make the most of the new freedoms'.

WEALTH at work will support the NAPF in the organisation and delivery of the seminars, which will act as an information service only; they do not include or constitute personal financial advice.

Jonathan Watts-Lay, director of WEALTH at work, said: 'We have been delivering financial education for many years and know what a difference it can make to savers as they work out how to get the most out of their pension and other savings and investments.

'Our programme will help savers answer three key questions, "what do I need to know, what are my options and how do I action them?".

Joanne Segars added: 'We've made sure that these sessions are available to both individuals, who might want additional support when planning their retirement income, as well as schemes who may want to make the seminars available to their members.

'The seminars have been designed for anyone who is approaching retirement in the next couple of years, or is thinking about accessing their pension pot in the near future'.


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