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Freeserve founder launches online legal service

20 July 2011

Ajaz Ahmed, co-founder of Freeserve, has set up an online legal service,, which he believes will become a major player in the post-ABS legal market.

The website is owned and operated by Yorkshire law firm Last Cawthra Feather.

Ahmed said the service would open a high street branch in Leeds city centre by the end of the year. currently offers a range of fixed-price services in the areas of divorce, wills and property, but not conveyancing. Customers have a choice between ‘DIY documents’ and ‘lawyer reviewed’ documents.

Free letters can be downloaded to help people challenge parking tickets or request maternity leave.

“The legal industry is a lot like the final scenes of the Wizard of Oz... take a look behind the curtain and it’s just an ordinary old man,” Ahmed said.

“The introduction of the so-called ‘Tesco law’ will serve as a wakeup call to an entire industry that has spent years providing a poor customer experience and where customers perceive receiving poor value for money.

“We are genuinely different because we offer simple, affordable legal solutions with a great customer service.”

Ahmed said he planned to create a joint venture with Last Cawthra Feather to take advantage of the new ABS regime. The law firm has offices in Leeds, Bradford, Shipley and Ilkley.

Freeserve was launched by Dixons in 1998. Three years later it was sold to Wanadoo for more than £1bn.

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