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FORUM: Countdown for Carers

It is starting to look as if April 1 is going to be an important watershed for those who care for an elderly friend or relative. The Government is tightening up the rules that currently allow a carer to back date claims for state help. At present, a carer can back date a claim for state help for up to 12 months. From April 1, however, the maximum any claim can be back dated becomes 3 months. While the Government envisages that this will save £55m a year, the prospects for carers themselves appear to be less rosy.

Enduring Powers of Attorney: The law Societys Guidelines for Solicitors

In summer 1996, the Law Society published guidelines to assist solicitors in advising clients who wish to draw up an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA). The guidelines were prepared by the Societys Mental Health and Disability Sub Committee in response to a number of ethical and practical questions which are often raised by practitioners with the Societys Professional Ethics Division or Practice Advice Service. Details of how to obtain a free copy of the guidelines are given at the end of this article.