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LPA forms to be available online by December 2012

Lasting power of attorney (LPA) forms will be able to be completed online by the end of the year, the Office of the Public Guardian has revealed.

8 June 2012

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According to the OPG’s business plan for 2012-2013, customers will be able to both complete and pay for LPA forms over the internet by December 2012.

The move is an interim measure pending legislative changes and further testing of the online system to ensure it is secure.

“Our ultimate objective is to introduce a fully electronic LPA process, providing that we can make the necessary legislative changes and are satisfied that the system is secure and offers the same or better protection than the existing paper channel,” the OPG’s business plan says.

“As an interim step, we will seek to introduce a partial solution that will allow customers to construct and complete an LPA using online support tools, but will also have to be carefully tested to ensure it is secure.”

Alan Eccles, chief executive at the OPG and public guardian, hopes that the changes will “reduce the propensity for error and the amount of paperwork required to register an LPA - saving time and effort”.

The move comes in response to feedback that the existing system is “difficult” and “time consuming”.

Streamlining services and increasingly embracing digital technology is part of wider governmental policy. “The government’s Digital by Default Programme looks at how public services can be delivered digitally so people can interact with government in the same way that many people choose to interact with their banks and other companies. The OPG is at the forefront of this programme with its Digital Transformation Programme,” says the business plan.

Other objectives listed in the plan include the intention to establish guidance for deputies and attorneys on gifts and loans by September this year and the target of reducing the number of complaints received by the OPG by ten per cent by March 2013.

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