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Stobart Group launches barrister-only legal service with fixed fees

The Stobart Group, best known for its brightly-coloured Eddie Stobart lorries, has decided to enter the legal services market by setting up a fixed-fee barrister-only litigation service.

18 May 2012

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Stobart Barristers will be based on the current barrister-only model used by the Stobart Group, which takes advantage of the change in the rules allowing direct access to barristers.

The new service covers the full range of legal problems, from crime, family, probate and medical negligence work for individuals, to contract, employment and copyright advice to companies.

Access is through a call centre, open from 8am to 10pm seven days a week.

Trevor Howarth, the group’s legal director and managing director of Stobart Barristers, said the new service “cuts out waste and opens up access to a national panel of barristers”.

He went on “This is a new market for the group and one where we see significant potential to grow by offering the public the chance to benefit from a model we have successfully honed for our own business over the past few years.

“The legal services industry continues to undergo significant changes that are allowing new entrants to the market with innovative business models to provide faster and less expensive services than those offered under traditional models.”

Howarth said direct access had been around for around eight years but it had not been widely adopted because consumers and businesses “don’t know where to look or which barrister to pick”, leaving many to rely on the advice of their solicitor.

“Through providing a fixed-fee service we can help give people greater clarity over what level of exposure they face,” he added.

Stobart Barristers aims to deliver advice that is 50 per cent cheaper than a similar service provided through a solicitor. Stobart Support Services will provide paralegal support to help barristers prepare their cases.