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New web portal for separating couples

Two Scottish lawyers have launched a new online portal designed to help couples through the separation process. The Right Kind of Divorce website brings together into one place various resources for those going through a break up. Information includes guidance on the division of money and property to counselling and what to do to ensure the best interests of any children involved.

5 November 2011

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The portal was launched in early October by family lawyer Anne Dick from Mowat Hall Dick and Professor Alan Susskind from Harper Macleod LLP.

Said Professor Susskind: “Until now, guidance about divorce in Scotland has been sparse and scattered across the internet, making it difficult for separating couples to easily source the best options available when their relationship ends. Many are faced with difficult decisions and stressful situations, made even worse if children are involved.

“We created the portal after noticing our clients were not aware of the many options available to them, such as mediation and collaborative law. The majority of people are under the impression they need to go through court in order to separate property, possessions and access to children; however, that is not the case.

“One of the main aims of the portal is to make couples aware that their difficulties are best settled in the most cooperative way appropriate to their circumstances and in a manner which benefits the whole family. It’s about resolving disputes in a different way,” he said.

Dick elaborated: “The right assistance at an early stage can help a couple repair their relationship or to achieve a sustainable separation, whichever is more appropriate. Some people need financial guidance, some need emotional support, some need legal advice. Most need a combination of those elements.

“In some situations where there is violence or dishonesty the full protection of the legal framework in court proceedings is called for. The challenge is to achieve the right fit of resources,” she continued.

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