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Saga set to make waves in elderly client legal services market

Over-50s specialist provider Saga has launched a new range of legal services as it seeks to “revolutionise the market” and make legal services more “accessible”.

3 October 2012

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Saga Legal Solutions will offer wills and estate planning, probate and conveyancing services to customers in the over-50s bracket and tap in to the membership corporation’s database of more than eight million people.

The company launched its legal services arm in 2010, but most services were only available as add-ons to home or motor insurance products.

The company’s 2.7 million customers will now have access to fixed-fee legal services, with probate and estate planning services provided by UK top 50 law firm Parabis, with which Saga has a long-term relationship. Conveyancing is charged at a flat rate, while probate fees will depend on the complexity of the estate rather than the value.

Saga has also launched a legal expenses insurance product called Legal Essentials. This marks the company’s first foray into the stand-alone, before-the-event legal services insurance market, and sees it going head to head with the Co-op and consumer organisation Which?.

The Saga Legal Essentials package will offer policy holders unlimited legal advice through a 24-hour phone line, an online standard will, access to an online vault to deposit digital copies of wills and other important documents, and up to £100,000 to cover the costs of legal proceedings relating to contract disputes, death and personal injury, protection of property, employment and tax investigations.

The basic package starts at £30 a month for existing customers and £45 for others.

Saga has applied for an alternative business structure (ABS) licence and is planning to expand into other areas of law in the future, but its immediate focus will be heightening awareness of its current portfolio. It is expected to launch a marketing and awareness campaign in the coming months advertising its services for older clients.

Saga Services chief executive Roger Ramsden said: “The current legal services market appears to be stacked in favour of the provider rather than the consumer. We aim to change things and have developed services with the customer in mind.

“People want legal advice and products at a price they understand, can afford and that is agreed in advance. They want a clearer idea of what it is they are paying for; legal issues are complicated and the jargon used by the industry prevents many people from understanding the process.

“Finally, they want a decent service, all too often customers have to chase solicitors for action and updates and this shouldn’t be the case. It is our intention to address those needs and to make legal services more accessible and affordable to a great many more people.”

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