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Cost of care to be included in 2013 Spending Review

The government is preparing to include plans to limit the cost of care for the elderly in next year’s Comprehensive Spending Review, reports the BBC.

16 August 2012

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A “Whitehall spokesman” has told the broadcaster that the prime minister is serious about resolving the issue and the government is keen to scotch the impression that reform of social care in England is “dead in the water”. However, the spokesman emphasised that there was no final, signed-off plan ready to be announced.

“As we have said any proposal which includes extra public spending must be considered alongside other priorities at the Spending Review,” the spokesman told the BBC.

“As we made clear when we published our progress report on care and support funding reform, the government supports the principles of a capped-cost model as recommended by the Dilnot Commission.

“It would, as Andrew Dilnot himself said, enable people to plan and prepare, so that they are not so vulnerable to the arbitrary impact of catastrophic care costs.”

When the Care and Support White Paper was published last month (July), ministers were keen to stress that the £35,000 cap was not the only option on the table. Instead, they talked about having a higher cap or even making the system voluntary so that only those who paid an upfront fee could benefit.

The plans were met with disappointment by campaigners and councils in charge of running the system. However, perhaps stung by that criticism, those inside government have started talking more favourably about the original proposal, says the BBC.

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