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2,000 judges in pay freeze

6 October 2009

Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling has recommended a pay freeze for up to 2,000 full-time judges, to come into force in April 2010.

Among those hit by the freeze will be 444 district judges in the county courts and 134 in the criminal courts.

They received a 1.5 per cent pay rise in April this year, taking their pay from £101,400 to £102,921.

The 640 circuit judges in England and Wales, who currently earn £128,296, will be subject to the pay freeze, as will employment, immigration and other judges working for the Tribunals Service.

High Court judges, who now earn just over £172,000, lord justices of appeal and justices of the Supreme Court will also not be receiving a pay rise next April.

A Treasury spokesman confirmed that Darling had written to the head of the senior salaries review body, recommending the pay freeze.

In a separate submission, the chancellor proposed pay rises of no more than one per cent for over 700,000 other public sector workers, including hospital doctors, dentists and prison officers.

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