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Regulator launches innovation platform for law firms

‘Our starting point is an instinct to say 'yes' to new, creative ideas,’ says Crispin Passmore

9 November 2015

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The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has today announced new resources to enable legal services providers in England and Wales to become more innovative.

SRA Innovate provides online guidance and support to solicitors and law firms which are looking at new ways to serve their clients and run their businesses.

The SRA is also extending its helpline support to offer centralised, consistent advice to firms which want to work in creative ways.

"The legal services market is ever changing and firms want to adapt to meet demand and grow their business. And we want to help them do that,” said Crispin Passmore, executive director for policy and education.

"Our starting point is an instinct to say 'yes' to new, creative ideas," said Passmore.

The service targets all types of legal services providers, including alternative business structures and forms part of the overall evolution of the SRA's regulatory approach.

Increasingly, the SRA is looking to simplify what it does and how it does it and to move away from prescriptive rules.

The SRA has outlined its current efforts and future plans to support innovation in the report Innovation and growth in legal services.

In July, the chief executive of the Legal Services Board suggested that innovation can solve the ‘trilemma’ facing the UK legal services sector.

"Regulators need to press on to encourage innovation and reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens that restrict growth," he said.


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