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Dentons launches ‘NextLaw’ global legal business accelerator

'We want to transform the legal profession', says global chair Joe Andrew

22 May 2015

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By Manju Manglani, Editor (@ManjuManglani)

International law firm Dentons is launching a global collaborative innovation platform which aims to transform the practice of law around the world.

It intends to develop a suite of technologies that will improve client service and enhance client solutions to support the delivery of seamless cross-border services.

"The market has talked about Big Law and New Law, but we want to be Next Law," said Dentons' global chair, Joe Andrew.

"We don't just want to be the world's largest law firm, we want to transform the legal profession, drive innovation in legal services and bring clients what they want with better quality, more responsiveness and greater value."

NextLaw Labs is an autonomous, wholly-owned subsidiary of Dentons, with physical and virtual locations in technology centers worldwide.

Dentons will be the lead supporter and investor of NextLaw Labs and will serve as the global testing ground for new products, services and other ideas to be vetted, piloted and scaled.

The platform is seeking complementary and strategic partnerships with leading technology companies, startups, other business accelerators and established legal vendors.

"Finding new technologies to reinvent the legal profession and reshape how business is conducted is what NextLaw Labs is all about," said CEO Dan Jansen.

"The legal industry is entering a period of enormous change and innovation," said Professor William D. Henderson at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law, who will sit on the advisory board.

"NextLaw Labs has an ingenious design and structure that gives legal entrepreneurs and Dentons' lawyers the running room needed to get ahead of this curve. NextLaw Labs could be the place to go to see the future of law. Kudos to Dentons for its willingness to go first."

Professor Daniel Martin Katz of IIT Chicago Kent College of Law, who will also be joining the advisory board of NextLaw Labs said: "This is an exciting development for the legal industry as it will help Dentons leverage current and future cycles of legal innovation and integrate into them into the workflow of the world's largest law firm, and others. Everyone in the legal industry should take notice."

Dentons had previously pledged to reinvent and improve its global client service by harnessing new technologies, new business analytics and new service delivery models that enhance client support and deliver higher quality services, while improving confidentiality and data security.




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