Managing yourself and your own work

Freelancing: a new era?

Despite some high-profile naysaying early on, the introduction of freelance solicitors may yet re-shape the legal landscape

The confessional

Lawyers need to talk about their own insecurities and support others to do the same, says Pippa Allsop

Christmas end to probate delays, says HMCTS

Christmas will see the end of the probate delays, HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) reportedly said at a meeting with the Law Society.

Long working hours kills creativity, warns Twitter's Bruce Daisley

The future of work is not about modern technology or new systems created by technology – it’s about humanity. 

Why challenge is equal to work/life balance for lawyer wellbeing

Kedge Martin explains why providing lawyers with challenging and rewarding work is just as important as letting them leave the office at 7pm

Without walls

Contemporary virtual firms founded on ethical principles or other unique selling points, and not price alone, are proving surprisingly successful. Nicola Laver reports

Mindset and legacy

Niche requires a different mindset to working in the bigger firms, says William Franklin