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Family Law Practice:
An Expert Guide
Up-to-date advice on the current issues in family law practice
There have been many changes in family law
in recent years – and the sector is continuing
to evolve. Recent reforms to the family justice
system in April 2014 have been aimed at
improving the way the family law system
functions as a whole: streamlining processes;
putting the welfare of children first; and,
where possible, keeping disputes out of court.
This report contains expert advice on these
changes, along with tips for family law
practitioners. It includes:
• Insights from experts and practitioners
who have been dealing with these
• Crucial advice on the emergence of the
mediation/arbitration model; and
• Key guidelines for winning work in family
law and attracting new clients to expand
the business.
Family Law Practice: An Expert Guide
takes stock of the state of family law and offers practical
tips on how practitioners can respond – and have responded – to the changes taking place.
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