Alex Heshmaty
reveals the smartphone and tablet applications
that can help you work faster and smarter
Dropbox, Inc.
Free (or £11/month per user for business option)
Secure cloud storage for files.
Dropbox is a cloud service that allows documents and files to be stored easily in a secure online
location, otherwise known as the‘cloud’. Once placed in the cloud, you can access your files from any
internet-connected device, including laptops, tablets and smartphones. This avoids the need for carrying
around physical files or USB sticks, which can be lost, potentially leading to data protection breaches.
Furthermore, it enables these files to be shared with colleagues whomay be in a different location,
facilitating improved collaboration and reducing the flow of emails back and forth when working on files.
Court Search
Find court addresses and information at a tap.
Court Search, fromCPD provider Legal Training in conjunction with developer MillieSoft, provides
access to details of every court in England andWales. Features include court addresses, maps, directions
and contact details, as well as live Crown Court information and daily lists for the High Court and above.
The iPhone and iPad versions also contain details of tribunals. All versions now include details of car
parking facilities available near to each court, helping solicitors, barristers, legal executives and anyone
else who needs to visit courts on a regular basis to get there in good time.
Alex Heshmaty is a legal
copywriter and journalist. He runs
Legal Words, a legal copywriting
agency based in Bristol
Technology Focus
Top ten apps for
n‘app’– which is an abbreviation for
‘application’– is essentially a program
that can extend the functionality of a
computing device such as a smartphone, tablet
or laptop. The term came to prominence initially
in relation to the iPhone (leading to Apple’s
catchphrase:“There’s an app for that”) and
became evenmore ubiquitous with the
development of Google’s rival Android operating
systemwhich spawned a vast array of
There are around 1.3m apps available on Apple’s
App Store and a similar number that can be
downloaded for Android devices fromGoogle Play.
Althoughmany apps are games or designed for
purposes of retail and entertainment, a substantial
number have more practical purposes and can be
used by professionals, including lawyers.
Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most useful
apps currently available to lawyers. Whether you’re
already using legal apps and would like to discover
what else is out there, or have just upgraded to an
all-singing all-dancing smartphone and want to
knowwhere to start, take a look at our top ten list
to find out the best apps for the legal world.
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