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High Court victory for Enterprise Holdings in trade mark claim

14 January 2015

City law firm Lewis Silkin act in second major IP-related case in a year The world's largest provider of vehicle rental services has won a claim...

‘Je suis Charlie’ phrase unlikely to ever be trade marked

14 January 2015

Phrase made famous by Paris terror attack has already been the subject of more than 50 trade mark applications in Europe An attempt to trade mark the...
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Conveyancers’ optimism cools as housing market slows down

14 January 2015

Less than one third of respondents saw work volumes increase in the last quarter The property market continues to cool as conveyancers report a...
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stevens_tenancy deposit schemes

20 January 2015

Tenancy deposit schemes - the saga continues

Brie Stevens-Hoare QC and Morayo Fagborun Bennett consider the case law on whether a landlord is subject to sanctions for non-compliance with...


20 January 2015

Property predictions

Glenda Ferneyhough reflects on a busy year in conveyancing and forecasts the market's movements in 2015

taylor_right of way

13 January 2015

Right of way

Hannah Taylor advises on preventing claims for town village greens and public rights of way


9 December 2014

The Game is afoot

Does the Supreme Court’s rejection of the ‘pay-as-you stay’ appeal mean the game is up for administrators, asks Sri Carmichael

Welsh flag

2 December 2014

Planning in Wales

Julian Boswall and Stephen Humphreys discuss the EIA directive and green belt policy


25 November 2014

Not so safe as houses

The judgment in Southern Pacific v Scott marks the end of the line for many tenants caught up in similar sale-and-rent-back mortgage litigation,...

Who's in the driving seat: the estate agent or solicitor?

27 January 2015

Conveyancers need to go further in harnassing technology and improving relationships with estate agents to gain more market influence, argues...

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Notice on stamp duty reform would be welcome

20 January 2015

Stamp duty reform caught conveyancing solicitors on the hop, says Kathryn Taylor


Rounds of abuse and desist: the games mobile home owners play

12 January 2015

Alec Samuels discusses whether residents' anti-social behaviour can be deemed non-remediable

Alec Samuels

Avoiding ‘tenants from hell’

5 November 2014

Most property landlords have cautionary tales about ‘tenants from hell’ who will have left them hundreds or possibly thousands of...


More protection for the mobile home owner

28 October 2014

Site owners will now be liable for malpractice and face larger penalties under the Mobile Homes Act 2013, explains Alec Samuels


Help to Buy offers benefits but it's hard work

11 April 2014

Karen Webb warns solicitors not to jump on the housing bandwagon if they don't have the appropriate skills


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