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Supreme Court rejects claim that possession order infringed tenant’s human rights

15 June 2016

Justices hold that proportionality arguments do not bite against private landlords The Supreme Court has unanimously rejected an appeal by an...

Land Registry privatisation opposed by stakeholders

26 May 2016

Lawyers call for safeguarding of registry's service standards as privatisation looms Proposals for the privatisation of the Land Registry could see...
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Timeshare owners take members club to High Court over ‘skimming off’ claims

9 May 2016

Test case may provoke 'long-overdue shake up in opaque world of timeshare exchange companies', says Edwin Coe litigator Around 500 claimants will...


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19 July 2016

Dodging a bullet: 
How to avoid costly 
property tax mistakes

Alun Oliver sets out the real and serious taxation risks thousands of solicitors face on second-hand commercial property transactions

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19 July 2016

There’s a right way – and a wrong way – to draft a notice

Simple errors often result in section 21 applications being returned; District Judge Heather Johns explains how solicitors can avoid these mistakes...


19 July 2016

Bad law and bad decisions

Wayne Clark and Ciara Fairley discuss the criticisms aimed at the Landlord and Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995 and the judgment in EMI Group Ltd


15 July 2016

Sustainable drainage: A tightening regime requiring duty of care

GeoSmart Information explains why understanding the site drainage conditions and options for SuDS is essential for solicitors advising developers and...

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12 July 2016

McDonald: Settling unanswered questions

David Sawtell and Erol Topal consider the Supreme Court decision on the application of article 8 to private sector lettings


4 July 2016

EMI Group: 
An unwelcome decision

Claudia Orpin and Charlotte Ross consider the impact of the EMI Group case on assignment to a guarantor and discuss two unopposed lease renewal cases

Everything must go?

19 July 2016

The benefits of a publicly owned Land Registry should not be underestimated by solicitors, regardless of specialism, writes Mary Young

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Conveyancing: A whole 
new approach?

12 July 2016

Any government initiative examining the home-buying process must look at the use of workflows and technology to speed up transactions and reduce...


How unreasonable?

12 July 2016

Tom Carpenter-Leitch discusses guidance from the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) on the threshold and procedure for awards of costs for '...


Business tenancy renewals: Some further tweaking?

2 June 2016

Mark Pawlowski considers whether further reform of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 is needed

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A review of landlord and tenant case law

2 June 2016

Elizabeth Haggerty provides a refresher on some of the most significant decisions of the past six months, together with potentially important...


2015: The shape of things to come?

2 June 2016

Mark Riddick reflects on an eventful year in the conveyancing industry

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