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Taylor Swift registers own ‘adult’ web URLs

24 March 2015

'Prevention better than cure' as lawyers advise ownership could avoid high-profile legal action to recover web addresses from third parties...
Taylor Swift

Osborne revamps ISAs and rewards savers

19 March 2015

The government could potentially contribute up to £6000 towards a couples deposit on their first home A new Help to Buy ISA for first-time...

Infographic: Recession survivors see conveyancing volumes hit a ten-year high

17 March 2015

Seven firms completed over 6,000 transactions last year       Read the full story here.



17 March 2015

Constructive trusts and illegal purposes

The decision in O'Kelly v Davies clarifies the law relating to claimants involved in unlawful agreements who seek to establish a constructive...


11 March 2015

Beware the ghost in the machine

Ben Brayford and Hannah Kramer consider a recent case involving Gordon Ramsay's personal liability under a guarantee executed by a 'signature...

searches UK

26 February 2015

Win more conveyancing work

Searches UK offers a number of products to assist companies in generating more business and protecting their clients, says Lisa Summerton


17 February 2015

Surfing the waves of Windermere

Alastair Redpath-Stevens considers recent case law on the determination of residential service charges

residential property

10 February 2015

Determining validity

Belinda Walkinshaw considers recent case law in relation to the validity of notices and compliance with statutory procedures

stevens_tenancy deposit schemes

20 January 2015

Tenancy deposit schemes - the saga continues

Brie Stevens-Hoare QC and Morayo Fagborun Bennett consider the case law on whether a landlord is subject to sanctions for non-compliance with...

Date of intention

11 March 2015

Adam Gross considers recent case law regarding the date of a landlord's intention to redevelop a property

Adam Gross_Hamlins

Who's in the driving seat: the estate agent or solicitor?

27 January 2015

Conveyancers need to go further in harnassing technology and improving relationships with estate agents to gain more market influence, argues...

Mark Riddick_Search Acumen

Notice on stamp duty reform would be welcome

20 January 2015

Stamp duty reform caught conveyancing solicitors on the hop, says Kathryn Taylor


Rounds of abuse and desist: the games mobile home owners play

12 January 2015

Alec Samuels discusses whether residents' anti-social behaviour can be deemed non-remediable

Alec Samuels

Avoiding ‘tenants from hell’

5 November 2014

Most property landlords have cautionary tales about ‘tenants from hell’ who will have left them hundreds or possibly thousands of...


More protection for the mobile home owner

28 October 2014

Site owners will now be liable for malpractice and face larger penalties under the Mobile Homes Act 2013, explains Alec Samuels


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