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Infographics: Property possession

27 July 2015

Private landlords are increasingly willing to give up on unpaid rent in favour of evicting tenants more quickly

Landlords forego unpaid rent to evict tenants sooner

23 July 2015

'They simply don't have the time to go through the potentially lengthy process of recovering unpaid rent' The number of landlords...

Conveyancers report rise in instructions amid market confusion

24 June 2015

While media reports suggest a slowing in the market, solicitors' instructions paint a different picture The property market is set to warm up as...
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commercial property

21 July 2015

Understanding the commercial effect of clauses

James Corbett, Ros Cullis, Nik Ireland, and Miri Stickland discuss the drafting of lease agreements and whether the parties' intentions can...


10 July 2015

Fracking: What you need to consider

Chris Loaring and Andrew Wiseman on how to appropriately advise clients who are living or buying property in energy exploration areas


7 July 2015

Special foundations: An origin story

Restrictions in the London Building Acts (Amendment) Act 1939 were carried into the Party Wall etc. Act 1996; David Bowden discusses how they are now...


23 June 2015

Developments and disputes

The regulatory shifts and case law updates of the last few months represent a busy start to the year in the residential property sphere, writes...


23 June 2015

Damages for trespass: Bypassing Swordheath and Dunlop

The Supreme Court is to decide whether a parking charge is enforceable as a penalty. John de Waal QC discusses the implications for the law of...


9 June 2015

Continuous and non-continuous rights of way

Peter Petts discusses the court's interpretation of the concept of 'continuous and apparent' easements in a recent case

Risky business: No flood defence is watertight

28 July 2015

Government schemes to alleviate the risk of flooding are still not enough to combat climate change or freak weather events, writes John Pickford

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Right to Buy revival

9 June 2015

Belinda Walkinshaw warns of the potential dangers of reviving Right to Buy legislation


Proprietary estoppel is experiencing something of a revival

26 May 2015

David Kirwan ponders the reasons behind a recent increase in proprietary estoppel cases


Unpicking the Deregulation Act 2015

19 May 2015

The new tenancy deposit amendments are welcome, but the jury is out on the likely effectiveness of retaliatory eviction measures, says Tessa...


Date of intention

11 March 2015

Adam Gross considers recent case law regarding the date of a landlord's intention to redevelop a property

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Who's in the driving seat: the estate agent or solicitor?

27 January 2015

Conveyancers need to go further in harnassing technology and improving relationships with estate agents to gain more market influence, argues...

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