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Landlords in a race against time to meet energy efficiency regulations

6 May 2015

Commercial property landlords face reputational risk and fines of up to £150,000 UK landlords are in a race against time to ensure their properties...
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Labour’s rent proposals are bad news for the market, say letting agents

27 April 2015

Conservatives' pledge to build 200,000 new starter homes seen as 'best' for private rented sector Three out of four Association of...

Conveyancers optimistic about Veyo

31 March 2015

Portal promises quicker property transactions An impressive half of all conveyancing firms, some 47 per cent, in England and Wales have now...
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19 May 2015

Worth noticing

Magnus Hassett discusses the importance of clarity and attention to detail, both in terms of complying with regulations and when writing notices...


19 May 2015

It's big data, not the big bang

Technology that allows you to harness and cultivate data will level the playing field between conveyancing firms in years to come, explains Mark...


12 May 2015

Bad neighbours

Brie Stevens-Hoare QC and Morayo Fagborun Bennett discuss the measured duty of care imposed on landowners to reduce hazards to their neighbours'...


21 April 2015

Licensing Liverpool's landlords

Blanket selective licensing is likely to have a costly long-term impact on the privately rented sector in the North West, says Lisa Evans


15 April 2015

High tidemark for village greens?

Robert Kelly questions whether a beach can be considered a 'village green'

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14 April 2015

Similar but not the same

Online shopping has created new challenges for companies looking to protect their brands. Carrollanne Lindley and Alexandra Pygall discuss the latest...

Unpicking the Deregulation Act 2015

19 May 2015

The new tenancy deposit amendments are welcome, but the jury is out on the likely effectiveness of retaliatory eviction measures, says Tessa...


Date of intention

11 March 2015

Adam Gross considers recent case law regarding the date of a landlord's intention to redevelop a property

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Who's in the driving seat: the estate agent or solicitor?

27 January 2015

Conveyancers need to go further in harnassing technology and improving relationships with estate agents to gain more market influence, argues...

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Notice on stamp duty reform would be welcome

20 January 2015

Stamp duty reform caught conveyancing solicitors on the hop, says Kathryn Taylor


Rounds of abuse and desist: the games mobile home owners play

12 January 2015

Alec Samuels discusses whether residents' anti-social behaviour can be deemed non-remediable

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Avoiding ‘tenants from hell’

5 November 2014

Most property landlords have cautionary tales about ‘tenants from hell’ who will have left them hundreds or possibly thousands of...


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