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LeO publishes new guidance to clarify lawyers’ role in conveyancing process

19 January 2016

Home buyer's £20,000 bill hits headlines as conveyancing complaints take centre stage The Legal Ombudsman (LeO) has taken the step of issuing new...

Homebuyers losing thousands of pounds intended for solicitors

7 January 2016

SRA chief warns that the number of online payment scams is on the rise Homebuyers are losing money hand over fist as fraudsters intercept online...

Eight per cent rise in property investment insolvencies as market recovers

4 January 2016

Improved property values leads to changing behaviours in banking sector The number of property investment companies becoming insolvent has increased...
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3 February 2016

Selective private rented property licensing is coming

Landlords in designated areas must ensure they hold a valid PRPL or face serious consequences, warns Brie Stevens-Hoare QC

grazing horse

26 January 2016

Getting grazing 
right for landowners

Allowing horse owners to use their land for grazing can affect landowners in terms of entitlement to tax relief and the ability to recover the land,...

home buying

25 January 2016

InfoTrack advertising campaign empathises with conveyancing challenges

Service provider aims to evolve traditional working practices and administrative processes to make transactions easier and faster


19 January 2016

Clarity for solicitors 
acting on mortgages

Georgina Squire discusses a recent Court of Appeal decision on the application of the Bowerman duty, and whether this is overridden by the terms of...


19 January 2016

The new CPD scheme 
for conveyancers

Solicitors now have more freedom to assess their training needs and the flexibility to undertake training that is tailored to the work they do,...

commercial property

12 January 2016

Commercial property: 
The onus is on solicitors

Recent decisions on the overpayment of rent and property search results, as well as changes in Land Registry practice, highlight the importance of...

The fraudsters after conveyancers’ money

4 February 2016

Conveyancing firms in England and Wales handle close to 100,000 transactions a month. With the average property worth £186,325, it is easy...


From £4.8m to £9.2m: 
Doubling the value of a land sale

12 January 2016

Bamboozled by developers' jargon, landowners are risking accepting lower prices when selling a land asset, writes Gary Freeman


A steady flow of flood due diligence

22 December 2015

Angela Gordon Lennox reviews the benefits of thorough flood risk search reports for both conveyancing solicitors and their clients

Gordon Lennox_Angela

Is the Law Society hiding the truth about Veyo?

17 December 2015

An open letter to Law Society president Jonathan Smithers and chief executive Catherine Dixon

Rob Hailstone_Bold Legal Group

Weathering the storm

15 December 2015

Following the Met Office’s recent announcement that the UK is facing a winter that will rival the major storms of 2013, it is worth...


A balancing act between landowner and squatter

3 November 2015

The latest squatting scandal has seen a 
group of around 
30 people, including children, who call themselves ‘Diggers’, being...

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