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Bloomsburry Family law


Class conflict

Could the Supreme Court's decision to refuse a teacher legal representation at his disciplinary hearing be at odds with the government's proposed education reforms? Thom Dyke reports

R (on the application of G) (Claimant) v X SCHOOL GOVERNORS (Defendant) & Y CITY COUNCIL (Interested Party)

An employee's rights under the European Convention on Human Rights 1950 art.6(1) were not engaged when he was refused legal representation during a disciplinary hearing at the school where he was employed. His civil right to practise his profession would be directly determined by a separate decision of the Independent Safeguarding Authority and the applicable test was whether the school's disciplinary proceedings would directly determine or exert a substantial influence over that decision.

Update: education

With big change afoot, Anita Chopra and Salima Mawji consider the education bill, the green paper on special educational needs and a High Court discussion of the contractual relationship between a law student and her university

Slash and burn

The message from Birmingham is clear – if impoverished local governments continue to rush through cuts without due regard for their public duty, they will simply wind up back at square one with an additional legal bill on their hands, says Sam Karim