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Bloomsburry Family law

Tax & Wealth structuring

A lost art

There is no government allowance or tax free incentive too small to be taken advantage of, not least of all CGT allowances

Safe as houses?

The Court of Appeal's interpretation as to what type of property is capable of beneficial occupation has risked alienating investors from a large segment of the property market

Central bank roulette

Negative interest rates have been deployed in a desperate last roll of the dice by central banks that have nowhere else to turn - and their positive effects are far from guaranteed

So just what is allowed?

The state is responsible for and consistently introduces tax planning schemes, so why isn't it playing a greater role in educating the public as to what is legal and what is illegal?

Tidal changes

A tide of financial transparency is sweeping across the world. Swimming against it is folly; it will have severe reputational and financial consequences