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Bloomsburry Family law

Marriage & Civil partnership

Richard Williams (As Personal Representative of Mary Philomena Williams, Deceased) v Revenue & Customs (SpC500) (2005)

For the purposes of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984, s 115(2), the requirements of Part 2 of the definition of "agricultural property" were satisfied if a building used in connection with the intensive rearing of livestock formed a subordinate part of the overall agricultural purposes for which the other land was occupied; and that requirement was satisfied even if the buildings were occupied for a free-standing purpose, so long as that purpose did not dominate the overall purposes of the use of the land and was a subsidiary part of the purpose of an overall agricultural activity carried out on the land occupied by one person.

Tennant v Adamczyk (2005)

A judge erred in holding that a claim for possession by the registered owners of land was disbarred by the Limitation Act 1980 due to the adverse possession of the land by an occupier when on the facts of the case no dispossession had actually occurred by the relevant date.