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Bloomsburry Family law


Attorney-General’s Reference (No 106 of 2002) Sub Nom R v Nigel Robert Hall

Criminal Procedure - Sexual offences - Sexual intercourse with a girl under 13 years old - Defendant instigated the meetings and intercourse - No condom used - Defendant would have continued if not discovered by victim’s brother - Sentence of 12 months unduly lenient - Sentencing Advisory Panel guidelines relevant - Sentence of two and a half years appropriate

Vento v Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police [2002] EWCA Civ 1871

Employment Tribunals - Practice and procedure - Awards - Applicant awarded compensation for unlawful sex discrimination - Employment Tribunal assessment of 75 per cent chance of applicant remaining in employment until retirement age correct - Award of £65,000 for injury to feelings excessive - Injury to feelings distinct from assessing compensation for psychiatric or similar personal injury - Correct approach in assessing compensation for injury to feelings

R v Sekhon

Criminal Procedure - Confiscation orders - Postponement - Failure to adhere to procedure - Confiscation orders set aside - Postponement fundamental to exercise of jurisdiction to make confiscation orders - Criminal Justice Act 1988, ss 71, 72 - Criminal Justice Act 1993, ss 27 to 35 - Proceeds of Crime Act 1995, ss 1 to 10