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Bloomsburry Family law


(1) H (2) L v A CITY COUNCIL

A local authority's decision to disclose a sex offender's previous conviction for indecent assault of a child to charitable organisations and public bodies in which he was involved and to determine any future disclosures on a case-by-case basis was unlawful. The critical point was that the offender did not work with children and the local authority's blanket policy, which was not fair, balanced or proportionate, was therefore in breach of his rights both at common law and under the European Convention on Human Rights 1950 art.8.

Close comfort

When it comes to deprivation of liberty, it should not matter if the judge's heart is in the right place, argues Laura Davidson

Right move

Jonathan Silverman and Jennie Kreser explain how capitalising on intellectual property rights could unlock funds from a client’s pension fund

Vital statistics: legal aid survey

With 5,000 green paper responses to pick through, legal aid minister Jonathan Djanogly could be gone for some time. So to fill the awkward silence Solicitors Journal decided to run its own straw poll of lawyers' attitudes to the budget battle. Here are the results