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Hogan Lovells announces ‘ground-breaking’ Global Citizenship Policy

All staff pledge 25 hours a year to providing free legal advice and community investment

4 February 2015

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Hogan Lovells has launched a new Global Citizenship Policy, which asks everyone at the firm to devote at least 25 hours a year to citizenship activities.

The firm is set to make accommodations so all its staff can take part in one or more activity that fits under one of the five pillars of Hogan Lovells' citizenship program. These are pro bono, community investment, diversity, environment, and matched charitable giving.

Activities can include anything from providing free legal advice to a social enterprise, to working with a local school. Lawyers at the firm will be involved in pro bono legal services wherever possible.

Announcing the new scheme, Hogan Lovells CEO, Steve Immelt, said: "We want to make a real difference to the local communities in which we are based and to engage all of our offices and people in our citizenship programs.

"This is a ground-breaking initiative and the first time that a law firm has set a target like this for every member of the firm. I am excited about the considerable impact that this could make in the communities where we work."

Clients of the firm have praised the new initiative. Barry Matthews, director of legal affairs and third party sales at ITV Commercial and Online, commented: "It is important for businesses to demonstrate a strong commitment to giving back to the communities in which they work as a way of demonstrating true citizenship.

"Hogan Lovells' renewed commitment to communities will make a huge impact to both the staff and the organisations to whom they devote their 25 hours."

The Samaritans in Hong Kong, a Hogan Lovells citizenship partner, added: "As a charity mainly supported by volunteers with limited funding and manpower, [Hogan Lovells'] assistance has been essential."

John van der Luit-Drummond is legal reporter for Solicitors Journal