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Uber decision holds key to workers’ rights

27 July 2016

Employer's degree of control over workers signals employee status, say experts The legality of a clause banning...

Sexual harassment and discrimination still rife at the Bar

13 July 2016

Over two-thirds of barristers considered quitting the Bar after experiencing bullying behaviour The unfair treatment of...

Court fees increase damaging access to justice, say MPs

20 June 2016

Lawyers welcome justice committee finding that access to justice must prevail over full cost recovery Disproportionate...



10 August 2016

Protecting conversations between employer and employee

The difference between without prejudice privilege and the protection afforded by section 111A of the Employment Rights Act 1996 is significant,...


13 June 2016

May you claim in interesting times

Sean Jones QC discusses the latest employment tribunal decisions involving civil restraint orders and religious and philosophical beliefs


10 May 2016

Gutierrez scores a victory for discrimination

The Newcastle player's claim is a reminder to employers of the importance of ensuring a level playing field for disabled and non-disabled...


4 May 2016

HMRC must address year-long wait for work records

Delays deny people suffering from workplace-related illnesses access to compensation at the time they need it most, writes Roger Maddocks

Supreme Court__WEB

20 April 2016

Indirect discrimination in Naeem and Essop

Sean Jones QC considers the questions likely to come before the Supreme Court in two upcoming employment appeals

merger employee

20 April 2016

Professional indemnity and successor practices

During mergers and acquisitions, firms must take care to prevent employment issues arising among the transferring staff, writes Stuart Jones

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